Dear Collectors,


after 3 Years of running this site, I'm gonna quit it on the 09th May 2015. There are many reasons why I will shut down this site, but one of the most is the simple reason that I wasted so much time and also my personal money for this site and nobody ever cares about that. Instead there where many "Collectors" who just get annoying when something happens which they maybe don't like. I always tried to hold advertisment away from the site, but I had to pay a yearly fee for the site. I tried to collect it from the visitors with the "Donate-Button" from PayPal, but in the last 365 days I just got 2€ from a anonym person. Thats about 1% of the fee I have to pay and I don't want to waste my time and money in the futre for nothing. 
I also will quit with the whole subject Absolut Vodka, because I'm tired of reading "Make a offer" and things like that. Everybody who wants to sell something, doesn't matter if it is a bottle of Absolut or a car, has a price in mind what he wants for the bottle. But there are so many collectors out there who just want to earn money and don't want to help. 


Thanks to all